Company Profile

The DMS Group

The DMS Group specializes in high technology solutions that serve the need of the diagnostic medical imaging community. The Group, which includes the two companies, DMS and Apelem, is the French leader in the conception, manufacturing and distribution of imaging systems dedicated to conventional and digital radiology as well as to bone densitometry.

With a strategy focused on technological innovation the Group offers a complete range of imaging systems to practitioners across the globe. The DMS Group is present on every continent thanks to joint ventures, subsidiaries and a network of more than 100 local distributors all of whom contribute to the international dimension of the quality of our products. Over 90% of the DMS Group’s turnover is generated from the exportation market. The French territory is covered by a sales team and a network of distributors as well as an established technical network that offer personalized service on our systems.

Our Values

The DMS Group’s values are the key themes that drive our work ethic internally, and guide our external business strategy.

  • Innovation: As an actor in the constantly evolving medical imaging market, we are always working to offer the most innovative solutions to our clients. The Group’s investment in innovation is evidenced in the development of two products that were the very first of their kind on the market: in 2001 the bone densitometry division launched the Lexxos, the first bi-dimensional bone densitometer enabling high quality image acquisition in only 1.5 seconds while the radiology division launched the first full field dynamic digital detector featured on a remote-controlled table.
  • Flexibility: We always strive to respond to our clients by providing solutions tailored to their specific needs. We challenge ourselves to find new and innovative ways of adapting to the different demands of our business environment.
  • Diversity: With a presence in over 100 countries around the globe we embrace the enriching diversity of our clients, partners and collaborators.
  • Frugality: In optimizing our business procedures and efficiently using our resources, we aim to minimize operational costs across all business areas.
  • Eco-friendliness: Always mindful of our corporate responsibility, we opt for solutions that respect the environment.

Key numbers

  • 80 collaborators based on 2 sites.
  • 80% of the Group's turnover is generated through the exportation market.
  • The Group registered a turnover of € 28.0 million in 2012 (+32%)


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