Table télécommandée


In today’s medical imaging environment, the remote controlled table is the ideal solution for experts seeking a system that offers the most flexibility for a wide range of applications, while of course providing excellent quality diagnostic images. The Platinum not only ensures both these things, but does so in a package that is high-performing, efficient and optimizes the entire examination experience.
From the clean, sleek lines of the design, to the simplified all-in-one control console and the mechanical ergonomics and elegance to the flexible configurations designed for all types of budgets, the Platinum is the remote controlled table solution like you’ve never seen before.

All the advantages of the Apelem’s top-of-the-line remote controlled table Platinum are available in a conventional version:

  • Full patient coverage: 201 cm standard / optional +/- 75 cm longitudinal movement of the table
  • Chest exams with 180 cm SID
  • Real full access around the patient
  • Easy patient transfer up to 200 Kg without limitation
  • Minimum charging height: 60 cm*
*with a 23 inch image intensifier

Switch from conventional to dRF in the blink of an eye : the Platinum stand can be upgraded with a full field flat panel dynamic detector, turning it into a complete dRF solution.

Ce produit est un dispositif médical de classe IIb dont le fabricant est Apelem. L’évaluation de la conformité a été réalisée par SGS, n°0120 et porte à ce titre le marquage CE. Il est destiné à la réalisation de radiographies analogiques. Lisez attentivement les instructions d'utilisation.


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