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The Optima is the latest table designed and developed by DMS APELEM. Largely inspired by the Platinum, it shared a large part of the parts, the same software as well as, the same image acquisition system. It was developed to take advantage of all the knowledge acquired on the Platinum making it a very powerful and reliable table, while also fitting a design-to-cost market rationale. It also benefits from a new process of industrialization and integration which allows for quick and easy installations. The Optima is a solution designed to be effective and adapt to any type of budget.

  • Long table top (240 cm) for optimal patient coverage
  • Excellent motion control with ultra silent brushless motors
  • Fully motorized tube rotation
  • Unlimited auto-positioning linked to the APR
  • Remote control access to the table through VPN easy service
  • Innovative tilt/shift movement allowing 79 cm
  • SID up to 180 cm
  • Available in both DR and conventional version - seamless upgrade to DR

Ce produit est un dispositif médical de classe IIb dont le fabricant est Apelem. L’évaluation de la conformité a été réalisée par SGS, n°0120 et porte à ce titre le marquage CE. Il est destiné à la réalisation de radiographies analogiques. Lisez attentivement les instructions d'utilisation.


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