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BRS / Feria

The BRS is a multipurpose radiographic system, that meets the WHO (World Health Organization) requirements and is used for routine x-ray examinations. Examinations with this unit can be performed with the patient standing up, sitting or lying down.

The standard equipment is composed of a BRS stand (FFD fixed at 140 cm) a mobile table on wheels and a manual collimator. The BRSstand includes a cassette holder with auto centering tray and an anti-diffusion grid.

The Feria is a U-arm with multiple projections, perfectly counterbalanced, installed on a floor mounted column.

Total patient coverage can be achieved thanks to the combination of movement of the stand and the table on wheels with brakes.

The main benefits of the Feria are: its motorized variable focus to film distance (99 to 183 cm) and its tilting bucky (+/- 45°) which makes the Feria a multi-purpose radiography unit. It includes an oscillating anti-diffusion grid which limits the scattered x-rays.

It is compatible with all cassettes ranging from 13 x 18 cm to 36 x 43 cm.

Both systems are compatible with:

  • The Magnum generator - 30 to 80 kW with a battery as an option
  • Tube 140 to 600 kHU

As an option, the bucky includes a 3-field ionisation chamber to allow Automatic Exposure Control (AEC).


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